Thanks for coming and looking at The Other World. Below are Titles of books with brief synopses for each book plus a link to amazon where you can check out buying them or downloading for free if there is a promotion running. The synopses for each book below is not a cut and paste of the flavor text from amazon, this is a more detailed depiction of the book.

Not all of the titles listed here have been released yet. Most are complete and are undergoing editing and final drafting before publishing. If there are Story extras for the novels, they will also be listed here.

On top of the links below the descriptions, you can click on Amazon Author page to get a direct link to all of the published e-books on amazon. you can also click here.

Check back regularly for updates

Templar: Lone Wolfe

Templar: Order and Chaos

Children of Legend (A Templar: Order and Chaos extra)

Templar: Spirit Killer

Templar: Era Walker

Templar: Forgotten


Templar: Jena’s Blood Legacy

Templar: Schisms (Details coming soon)

Templar: Antediluvian (Details coming soon)