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IWSG: What’s the strangest thing I’ve ever googled? — November 6, 2019

IWSG: What’s the strangest thing I’ve ever googled?


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That is an awkward question. I think we as writers look up questionable stuff all the time. We look up stuff that has probably earned us spots on the FBI watch list. Depending on the genre, people have probably looked up stuff on murder, nuclear bombs, weapon design, and all sorts of other nefarious other stuff.

But we are looking for strange. I guess we would have to define strange. What is one person’s strange is another person’s normal. For me, looking up the Fusion cycle and the fusion lab in California is pretty normal. Stuff like that gives me an idea of how to write a fusion engine for a starship. the Sci-Fi part is miniaturerizing it down where the fusion plant isn’t the size of a warehouse, and has magnetic particle guidance, and can sustain the reaction (hence fusion cycle). That could be bizarre to some.

Strange could be looking up silver nitrate. That is a poison by the way. But if you wrote a vampire like species that has a problem with silver and you wanted to find out how to make it because a character wanted to find out how to make it and load it into a dart knowing that this would be EXTRA effective against them, then you would have a somewhat logical reason. this would be weird and strange to some. I am not sure if it strange however.

I think the problem is, when we look something up, it always seems to be for a logical reason at the time. I have my google search history turned off because I have kids and I don’t want them to see what I search should they ever get hold of my computer. I am trans and it is possible they could see something related to my searches on that front.

I guess, looking up strange things is in the eye of the beholder.

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