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Life Updates and Stuff — April 23, 2021

Life Updates and Stuff

Good Morning. As you can see, there is no GPFriday. Actually, that is going to be decommissioned and replaced with Fiction Fest and allow me to move down the day as needed.

Right now I don’t have any fiction ready for FF because I have been dealing with a few life changes recently which has been hindering my ability to write and update the site like normal. that will explain the lack of updates to twitter and facebook for the last several weeks for the website posts.

The first and most important thing as I sit on my parent’s patio in Phoenix is that my Father died on April 9th, just 2 days shy of his 80th birthday. we are still dealing with his estate and he passed relatively suddenly. He was getting old but I saw him 3 weeks before that and listening to him 2 days before he died, he sounded like a different person. I missed seeing him the last time by five minutes. I was planning on seeing him in the hospital the next day. I feel so bad for not making the time to see him.

I will be mourning the death of my father for a while. I may write some sort of web series about memories about my father. I am not sure about that. If I do, it’s not going to be a rosy story. I’m not sure how I will do it. Will I do my experiences with him or while I do research on his life and write it down? There is so much that he told me that were alterations of the truth that I am finding out from my step sister as we clear out his things and work through his estate that it will be hard to figure out what to do where.


There has been another huge change in my life that changes the entire dynamic of my life to the core. those close to me know about it already. those not close to me night know what is going on. i am not really ready to discuss it everywhere yet as I don’t think anyone else involved is yet. Needless to say that the dynamic of my life moving forward was not what I thought it was going to be from last year or even what I thought it was when I turned 21 and entered into certain partnerships. I have moved on and will continue moving forward. That is all we can do. We are all still friend and I can hope that we all continue to be friends no matter what life and fate brings us.


I hope that everything will eventually get better. I hope that everything will get better as time moves along. That we will become something better than what we were before. I hope that life will return to a new normal and that I will be able to continue my writing like I did before post to this site like I used to. just bear with me while I continue this struggle.

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