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GPFridays are Back! — June 24, 2022

GPFridays are Back!

For those of you who don’t know what GPFriday’s are, there will be a blurb down at the bottom of the blog. Suffice it to say, GPF’s will be coming back soon and I will have other surprises in store as well. This is just going to be a short blog post as well as a quick Hi for Alban Heruin (Ogham or Druid language for Light of Heruin, the mid summer holiday we celebrate for Summer Solstice).

What a holiday it has been too. The site and the data center experienced some glitches on 6/22/2022. Believe it or not we had Solar Flares that day too so if you happened to be complaining about the unusual speed of the internet, your eyes happened to be burning because it was unusually bright, or if you were having problems with your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV that would be related to the solar flares and the electromagnetic interference they generate. The power of the sun is truly awesome; even from a scientific perspective!

The interesting correlation between science and religion during the “bad day” brought back funny memories of my time in R and D and when I came up with GPFridays as well. GPFridays was meant to relieve stress for me after a friday when one of the prototypes I was working on in the datacenter lab at the job I worked at kept throwing up General-Protection-Faults (GPF’s) which are usually not good errors if you are working on servers. It means something is really screwed up on the back end of the server, especially when you are working on what is called a “bare-metal” system which means the system has no traditional operating system. (As a hint, even the chips onboard have operating systems but since everything was in prototyping, you can guess what my problems were; cant say anything like equipment, where I was or what I was doing other than I had to resolve the GPF’s to move on which felt like banging my head against a brick wall). This also happened to be on a Friday afternoon.

After I and my co worker made some jokes about me writing and maybe experiencing my own crashes in my personal datacenter/lab in the weekend, I came up with the idea and wrote a few chapters for the website Essentially combining the first few backgrounds of Lone Wolfe, Angela, and Jena into the story Children of Legend, the reach of that web novel was well despite it being a short 40k novel.

I resumed GPFriday’s again the next year with Second Semester, Anika’s Vengeance, and the first alternate timeline or Turn C novel that covers a portion of the Templar: Spirit Killer timeline, named Spiritis’s Semester. All 4 novels have links on the website.

I will attempt to have Friday posts as often as I can, but I cannot make any guarantees. I may start with cleaning up some of my old poems from high school (I found these amongst my archives recently) and post some of them on the site for some weeks, or I may write the sequel to Spiritis’s Semester and post those Chapter’s as well.

Thank you for listening to my Rant. You have been great!

GPFriday: Spiritis Semester Wrapup and the infamous “.5” Chapters — April 30, 2021

GPFriday: Spiritis Semester Wrapup and the infamous “.5” Chapters

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Spiritis’s Semester has ended and yes it ended on a cliff hanger. I have another Turn-C plot coming out soon.

First, I wanted to Give a little more info on the timeline so you can have some clarifacation, I think I explained what Turn-C is but there is an entire Multiverse structure so everything can fall within several paths.

First off, all the “Turns” belong in “Tangent-1” which is where the human descendant societies were created. Tangent-2 is where the Human Descendant Societies were never created. Turn duplicates also reside there but we are not concerned with those.

Within Tangent-1, we have Turn-A where the main Templar universe resides. Templar: Order and Chaos Prologue showed Turn-A-Alpha where Lone Wolfe jumped back to Turn-A-Prime that the series resides in.

In short: Turn-A is where Ashara and Lone Wolfe’s mother died and Lone Wolfe has lived. Lone Wolfe is the Leader Templar and Jena is the Commander Templar.

Turn-B: Lone Wolfe and his mother has died, Jena is the Leader Templar and Ashara is the Commander Templar. Lone Wolfe had jumped into this Timeline in Templar: Spirit Killer.

Turn-C: Gavin was born and never aborted. This caused a change in the timeline where Serena was born in Jena’s body and Deleous was born in a female body. “Spiritis” saved her mother and Ashara in the variant of Turn-C I am focusing on which causes further divergences in the timeline. This is also the timeline that Lone Wolfe had jumped into during Templar: Spirit Killer.

Since Spiritis from Turn-C does break into Turn-A-Alpha in Templar: Era Walker, Her storyline does deserve some attention. I feel like I have neglected her. Hence the GPFriday novels focusing on her now. With The inclusion of her in Era Walker, she was a sibling in Templar: Forgotten, Concluding her Spiritual Storyline in Turn-A.


Now: The Infamous “.5” Chapters.

Since Second Semester, there have been “.5″ Chapters written in Second Semester, Anika’s Vengeance, and this novel. These are scenes that have been left out on purpose since the website is open access for everyone on the web. I would normally include them if they were in an ebook or novel format since those can be behind a paywall. I want to know in comments or email if I should make a modified ebook on amazon that includes these .5 chapters behind a paywall and if anyone will read them. I will make them as cheap as possible but I prefer to keep them where little eyes cannot get a hold of the .chapters. Not all the .5 chapters are steamy chapters, but none of them are of themes where good characters do good things.

Finally, I will include a form as to whether Turn-C should be a GPFriday only series or if it should eventually go to a format similar to most of the Templar series. it may not be out this post but it will be out eventually. In the meantime. Let me know your thoughts on the subject as well. I didn’t get a lot of responses at the beginning of the web series so any feedback is appreciated.

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GPFriday: Spiritis’s Semester Chapter #28 — April 23, 2021

GPFriday: Spiritis’s Semester Chapter #28

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Chapter #28: The Eye of the Tempest


It felt like she was falling. Spiritis opened her eyes. It felt like no dream she ever had. She was sure it was no dream. Below her she saw a seal in red. She recognized it as her seal only more complex. It had a pentagram with more intricate markings and another circle around the entire thing. As she fell, she saw at the exact center was a fountain. As she got closer, she saw the bottom of the fountain was not a true fountain, it was deeper, it was like a well.

She hit the bottom, right next to the well. She thought she would wake up at that moment, but there was nothing that would disturb her from her sleep. She was in no dream. At least no normal dream. She glanced up and saw at the top of the well there was an oval mark with a rune on it. There were four more circling underneath it.

“Where am I?” Spiritis questioned. She pinched herself hoping to wake up. She felt the pain, but she failed to wake up.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw four pale blue gossamer like wings. They were attached to her back. She freaked out and they twitched with her. She squealed when they twitched, and they moved again. She screamed at the top of her lungs. She didn’t know what was happening. The dream was quickly turning into a nightmare.

That was when she saw a figure in gold armor. He had four armored wings as well. “Well, what do we have here?” The man said.

“Please!” Spiritis squealed and backed up to the rim of the fountain-well, “Don’t hurt me.”

“I am not going to hurt you,” The man stated as he walked up to her an knelt down, “You came here on your own. I am Trevor. Like you, I am a Templar. Welcome to the Eye of the Tempest. We call this place sync for short since we come here to sync with the Balance.”

“I didn’t come here on my own!” Spiritis shook her head, “I just ended up here!”

“That’s how it ends up the first time,” Trevor replied then cocked his head in confusion, “Hang on. You are a bit early. You shouldn’t be here for another two or three years. It is still the mission time for me and my generation. Let me get a look at you.” He reached out with his armored hand and grabbed her chin. He tilted her head to the left and right, “No armor… weak Five-Points-Focus. Your sight is just coming into focus. You are an early bloomer. Ah! A center of the Alignment! You are going to be a Greater Templar. That explains it!”

“What are you talking about?” Spiritis replied.

“Well, you awakened and connected with the Balance early,” Trevor mentioned, “It looks like because your mission is going to be an important one. You are going to be leading your generation. Keepers of Secrets commonly lead their generations, but you are special. You are going to be a stronger Templar than most.”

“That’s what we are?” Spiritis questioned in response, “Templars?”

Trevor nodded, “Yes. You were chosen before you were born for a mission. I am on a mission now. I was pulled in for some reason. Looks like the balance wanted me to address you. Luckily, I am a Keeper of Secrets so I can help you.”

“So, how do I get home?” Spiritis questioned in response.

“You think about it,” Trevor replied.

“That doesn’t sound so hard,” Spiritis mentioned.

“Before you go,” Trevor mentioned, “Be careful with your powers. You are a Dark Templar right now. After your mission, you will be a Dark Templar again. But when you hit your mission time, you will be a Keeper of the Balance. That is when the Balance is going to have you perform your mission. I am performing my mission right now. It is best that we steer clear of each other. It is for your safety; We keepers tend to attract unwanted attention. Until we fade into the darkness like you are now, I can be a danger to you.”

“So, I will be in danger at some point?” Spiritis questioned, “I didn’t sign up for this!”

“None of us did,” Trevor nodded, “But it is how it is. Time to go, child.”


Greeley Colorado

November 1st, 2027-CE


Spiritis awakened in a cold sweat. Unlike before she went to bed, her vision had changed. She could now see seals for everything if she concentrated. It felt weird to see it. It was unlike anything she experienced. It almost made her dizzy to do it. Like crossing her eyes, producing a double vision except it wasn’t double vision. It was an augmented reality, providing her information.

The seal sight was in a strange glyph like language. It went beyond simple seals, the more she investigated it, the more the glyphs popped out. Intrinsically, she could understand the glyphs and what they described. She could almost understand what to aspect now. With this information, she knew what she could do with her Aspect energy, almost all of it, the full breadth of it.

She shook her head, “What’s going on? What do I do now?” She asked herself.

Life Updates and Stuff —

Life Updates and Stuff

Good Morning. As you can see, there is no GPFriday. Actually, that is going to be decommissioned and replaced with Fiction Fest and allow me to move down the day as needed.

Right now I don’t have any fiction ready for FF because I have been dealing with a few life changes recently which has been hindering my ability to write and update the site like normal. that will explain the lack of updates to twitter and facebook for the last several weeks for the website posts.

The first and most important thing as I sit on my parent’s patio in Phoenix is that my Father died on April 9th, just 2 days shy of his 80th birthday. we are still dealing with his estate and he passed relatively suddenly. He was getting old but I saw him 3 weeks before that and listening to him 2 days before he died, he sounded like a different person. I missed seeing him the last time by five minutes. I was planning on seeing him in the hospital the next day. I feel so bad for not making the time to see him.

I will be mourning the death of my father for a while. I may write some sort of web series about memories about my father. I am not sure about that. If I do, it’s not going to be a rosy story. I’m not sure how I will do it. Will I do my experiences with him or while I do research on his life and write it down? There is so much that he told me that were alterations of the truth that I am finding out from my step sister as we clear out his things and work through his estate that it will be hard to figure out what to do where.


There has been another huge change in my life that changes the entire dynamic of my life to the core. those close to me know about it already. those not close to me night know what is going on. i am not really ready to discuss it everywhere yet as I don’t think anyone else involved is yet. Needless to say that the dynamic of my life moving forward was not what I thought it was going to be from last year or even what I thought it was when I turned 21 and entered into certain partnerships. I have moved on and will continue moving forward. That is all we can do. We are all still friend and I can hope that we all continue to be friends no matter what life and fate brings us.


I hope that everything will eventually get better. I hope that everything will get better as time moves along. That we will become something better than what we were before. I hope that life will return to a new normal and that I will be able to continue my writing like I did before post to this site like I used to. just bear with me while I continue this struggle.

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