For those of you who don’t know what GPFriday’s are, there will be a blurb down at the bottom of the blog. Suffice it to say, GPF’s will be coming back soon and I will have other surprises in store as well. This is just going to be a short blog post as well as a quick Hi for Alban Heruin (Ogham or Druid language for Light of Heruin, the mid summer holiday we celebrate for Summer Solstice).

What a holiday it has been too. The site and the data center experienced some glitches on 6/22/2022. Believe it or not we had Solar Flares that day too so if you happened to be complaining about the unusual speed of the internet, your eyes happened to be burning because it was unusually bright, or if you were having problems with your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV that would be related to the solar flares and the electromagnetic interference they generate. The power of the sun is truly awesome; even from a scientific perspective!

The interesting correlation between science and religion during the “bad day” brought back funny memories of my time in R and D and when I came up with GPFridays as well. GPFridays was meant to relieve stress for me after a friday when one of the prototypes I was working on in the datacenter lab at the job I worked at kept throwing up General-Protection-Faults (GPF’s) which are usually not good errors if you are working on servers. It means something is really screwed up on the back end of the server, especially when you are working on what is called a “bare-metal” system which means the system has no traditional operating system. (As a hint, even the chips onboard have operating systems but since everything was in prototyping, you can guess what my problems were; cant say anything like equipment, where I was or what I was doing other than I had to resolve the GPF’s to move on which felt like banging my head against a brick wall). This also happened to be on a Friday afternoon.

After I and my co worker made some jokes about me writing and maybe experiencing my own crashes in my personal datacenter/lab in the weekend, I came up with the idea and wrote a few chapters for the website Essentially combining the first few backgrounds of Lone Wolfe, Angela, and Jena into the story Children of Legend, the reach of that web novel was well despite it being a short 40k novel.

I resumed GPFriday’s again the next year with Second Semester, Anika’s Vengeance, and the first alternate timeline or Turn C novel that covers a portion of the Templar: Spirit Killer timeline, named Spiritis’s Semester. All 4 novels have links on the website.

I will attempt to have Friday posts as often as I can, but I cannot make any guarantees. I may start with cleaning up some of my old poems from high school (I found these amongst my archives recently) and post some of them on the site for some weeks, or I may write the sequel to Spiritis’s Semester and post those Chapter’s as well.

Thank you for listening to my Rant. You have been great!