Happy New year to everyone! I hope everyone will have a better 2022 than 2021 was.

I certainly hope that 2022 is much better than 2021 was for me.

I made it through, that is the short of it. I can give you a short laundry list of what happened to me which is why i couldn’t make deadlines but that sounds like an excuse right off the bat. Life happens especially in the middle of a pandemic. The fact is, I don’t really care about deadlines anymore and i dont have the capability to set any deadlines or dates for 2022. suffice it to say, due to what happened in 2021, i have to put my life back together still. not to mention my identity. Don’t say, “that’s what you get for being trans,” that is not what I am talking about.

After my father died, secrets came to life about my past. everything told to me about my past was a lie. that is my 2021. to sum up my 2021: trust no one. to say “God is dead, humanity is fucked, trust no one, the world is on fire, love seems like a lie” that is my 2021.

My marriage ended at the beginning. my father died, going through boxes in the estate i found documents that hint that im not an only child but the only surviving child, and I find more secrets than that later because that story gets even stranger and earth shattering for me as the year went on. and i am still sorting the damage on that. it will take several posts just to explain it all.

Through it all I at least had a couple of friends that helped me through it. One of them started dating me near the end of the year and we are living together now. I feel glad for the support that i have through this time at least.

I will post more when I can.